Rumiluz Bio

RUMILUZ BIO is a precision-dried organic lucerne that is chopped to provide the scratch factor and structure to the ruminant’s diet, without reducing its nutrient density.

As a legume, RUMILUZ BIO is high in quality proteins, palatable, and should be considered the natural buffer for the cow’s rumen.

Certified Organic Lucerne

By the Agriculture Biologique, certification body in France. Cultivated on specific farms, the whole process is kept separate from the conventional processes to avoid any cross-contamination from harvest to manufacture to storage. All bales of RUMILUZ BIO are tagged and, therefore traceable back to their original field.

Promotes Rumination and Saliva Production

The strands of lucerne are chopped to 3-5cm. Saliva contains high levels of natural bicarbonate which helps buffer the rumen and helps reduce acidosis. It is the perfect product to balance high-starch diets, and diets where wet, or acidic, silages are being fed

Increasing fibre in the ruminant’s ration contributes to a reduced risk of acidosis

Rich in minerals, trace elements (β carotene) and vitamin E

Contributing to the natural balance of the diet, thus promoting health and fertility

Dehydration to 90% dry matter

Guarantees a stable product with zero losses

Consistent and fully traceable

Use 2-4kg for dairy cows

  • Chopped lucerne, 3-5cm in length
  • On average, each bale is 350kg and measures 1.4m x 1.2m x 0.75m
  • Delivered in 24 tonne loads

Indicative values as fed Indicative values on a dry matter basis
Moisture 10.0% 10.0%
Crude protein 15.3% 17.0%
Crude fibre 24.8% 27.6%
Crude fat 2.5% 2.8%
Crude ash 11.1% 12.3%
Calcium 22.2g/kg 24.7g/kg
Absorbable Ca 6.6g/kg 7.3g/kg
Phosphorous 2.3g/kg 2.6g/kg
Absorbable P 1.7g/kg 1.9g/kg
Potassium 24.9g/kg 27.7g/kg
DEB 504mEq/kg 560mEq/kg
DCAB 342mEq/kg 380mEq/kg
NDF 40.7% 45.1%
ADF 30.9% 34.3%
ADL 7.0% 7.8%
Indicative values as fed Indicative values on a dry matter basis
Net energy milk (UFL) 0.61 kg 0.68 kg
Net energy growth (UFV) 0.54 kg 0.60 kg
PDIN (Digestible protein permitted by nitrogen) 102 g/kg 113 g/kg
PDIE (Digestible protein permitted by energy) 91 g/kg 101 g/kg
PDIA (By-pass digestible protein) 53 g/kg 59 g/kg
Structure (CRA) 2.4 UN 2.7 UN
DLys ruminant 6.7 %PDIE 7.4 %PDIE
DMet ruminant 1.7 %PDIE 1.9 %PDIE

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