Rumiluz Poultry SB™

Precision dried chopped lucerne designed to optimize laying hens’ performance and health, in particular reducing stress from feather-pecking and improving gut health.

providing enrichment for hens

Birds have a specific requirement for fibre. They must find fibre in the feed or in their immediate environment. It has been shown that if birds are deficient in fibre, it can lead to feather-pecking and then feathers are used by the bird as a source of fibre.

Environment enrichment

Helps to reduce instances of injurious feather pecking

Drier faecal matter

Helps reduce bird stress and improve flock health

Increased feather coverage on birds

Helps to reduce food consumption. A key welfare indicator is the presence of feathers in the litter, where lucerne is introduced, there are visibly more feathers in the litter. Birds are not eating them as their fibre requirement is being satisfied by the lucerne. Recommended as part of the FeatherWel report

High in fibre, protein and methionine

Organic-certified bales available

Consistent and fully traceable

1 bale per 2000 birds

Average consumption 2gms per bird per day / 785gms per 56-week lay

  • On average, each bale is 20kg and measures 0.5m x 0.3m x 0.3m
  • 48 bagged bales per pallet, top covered/film wrapped

Indicative values as fed
Moisture 10.0%
Crude protein >13.0%
Crude fibre <32.0%
Crude fat 2.0%
Crude ash 10.0%
Xanthophyll 60ppm
Calcium 19.8g/kg
Absorbable Ca 6.0g/kg
Phosphorous 2.3g/kg
Absorbable P 1.7g/kg
Potassium 24.9g/kg
Sodium 0.2g/kg
Magnesium 1.5g/kg
DEB 504mEq/kg
DCAB 342mEq/kg
NDF 47.9%
ADF 35.3%
ADL 7.6%
Indicative values as fed
MEn Layer 1030kcal/kg
MEn Broiler 1010kcal/kg
DLys poultry 2.9g/kg
DMet poultry 1.2/kg

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